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What, Where and How?

What are we building?


The Centre Project Group (CPG) plan to design and build a multi-sports complex suitable for both sport and recreation clubs.   The initial cost estimate is $2.9M.

The ‘clubrooms’ component will be a two storied building.  The concrete block downstairs will incorporate changing rooms, cafeteria/shop, workshop and storage areas.


Upstairs will be the clubrooms lounge, kitchen facilities and internal and decked viewing areas.

Attached to the ‘clubrooms’ will be an open plan ‘indoor facility’, with a specific indoor sports floor surface.  An additional and separate internal area will accommodate Wrestling mats and Dojo style training area. One mat will remain permanently down for multiple code use.


This indoor facility will have a high ceiling (6m).


The north-west corner of the bottom floor will be 24 hour access public toilets serviced by Council.

Where are we building?

The new building will be situated on the “Moore Park Extension”.  A section of land at the southern end of Moore Park that was previously leased out by the council.


The Centre will be on the western (Middle Brook Drive) end of the new field extension with some car parking added between it and the road.


There is also space to add netball courts to the north of the building.  

The remainder of the field extension will accommodate a  No 1 Cricket Oval incorporating a grass wicket block and a No 1 Football field, along with two junior football fields.

How are we going to build this?​

The project will be funded by the Clubs through their own funds, fundraising, grants and funding applications through sporting and other charities.

kksrc concept plan.png

Existing Football Field

Existing Football Field

Existing Football Field

No.1 Football Field

Sports Field

Potential Netball Courts

Car Park

Training Area


Sports Field

Grass Cricket Block

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