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The 7 Founding Member Clubs

The clubs listed below have created an Incorporated Society for the purposes of building and running the Sport and Recreation Centre.

The WBOP District Council has indicated they will sign the MOU shortly. The Community Board has indicated support for the project.

The project is now coordinated by the Society Committee. The committee is a representative group of Club Officials from each club where each club no matter how small or large has equal voting rights. The Chairperson is on a yearly rotation with each club taking a turn.


There are many other clubs and groups in Katikati who may wish to simply use the facilities once built rather than be a member of the society running them. The door is open to all Katikati clubs wanting to join and contribute.

The Society rules will allow for change of Member Clubs while protecting existing Member rights. Experience tells us the size of a club changes over the years – so the Society rules ensure a centre that is relevant to Katikati now and in the future.

Olympic Freestyle Wrestling

50 juniors - 100+ participants & members

Moana United Netball

80 juniors - 120+ participants & members


250 juniors - 600+ participants & members

Katikati Scouts (Scouts NZ)

50 juniors - 80+ participants & members


50 juniors - 100+ participants & members

Global Jiu Jitsu Accademy

30 juniors - 60+ participants & members

Goju Ryu Karate

30 juniors - 60+ participants & members

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