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Global Jiu Jitsu Accademy 


Katikati's Global Jiu Jitsu Accademy is one of the founding member clubs of the Katikati Sport and Recreation centre.


Their aim is to provide people of all ages with the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques in Self-Defence and Grappling.

As a mat based sport they make use of the Wrestling club matts to run their classes.

The dedicated Mat Area at the X Centre will allow them to continue to grow their members and community in fit for purpose facilities and also to host more of the training sessions from national and international instructors.

Many wouldn't know that the Wrestling club mats are a very special and costly resource.  Lifting and relaying them is not good for them and it is far better that they can remain down and be used by other sports that also benefit from the padded floor.  So the Jiu Jitsu and Karate clubs using the mat area is a great way to get more benefit for the Katikati community - a brilliant example of local clubs sharing a resource and providing opportunities that wouldn't otherwise exist in our town.


Contact:  Lance 021 714 178

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