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Katikati Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Club

Our Club and Our Philosophy


We are a community focused traditional martial arts club with a key focus on building strong, respectful and resilient children and adults that become contributors to their communities.

We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds, and our curriculum is focused on improving general health and wellbeing, improved physical fitness, self defence awareness, anti bullying, team work, problem solving and mental toughness training.

Our Desire to Expand


Our karate club has on three occasions hosted Grand Masters from Okinawa who head global Okinawa Goju Ryu karate and the New Zealand affiliated association.  


This is a fantastic honour to host these cultural ambassadors as part of wider New Zealand training visits.  However, the ability to continue to host such visits, and the opportunity to expand our Club’s activities are hampered by the building we currently use. It is old and tired, leaks, has no working shower or changing rooms,  limited and shabby toilets and a barely usable kitchen. 


The actual training area for karate is also quite small, being the size of the pre-installed wrestling mat. Therefore, due to these building limitations, we are limited in our ability to host any national or regional events, tournaments, training camps, or overseas visiting groups because we simply cannot train with more than 25 – 30 people.


At a recent National training weekend, there were over 200 adults and children. Katikati would certainly be a contender for hosting these events if the Katikati Sports and Rec Centre was made a reality.

Katikati's Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Club is one of the founding member clubs of the Katikati Sport and Recreation centre. 


For information contact Jason on 021 458 614 or Helen on 0273 434 442

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