Moana United Netball

Our Club and Our Philosophy

Moana United Netball club is a volunteer run, community minded netball club. Our club runs the Netball NZ accredited Future Ferns program for year 1 to 4 children. We currently have over 90 participants in our area's Future Ferns program.  Moana United draws from an area from Te Puna through to Katikati with local schools in this area participating in the Netball programs.

How Would We Benefit?

As of the current moment. we use either Katikati Primary's sloping netball courts or Katikati College Netball courts to run our Future Ferns program on and have no clubrooms or storage areas. Availability of Katikati College courts is around the College Netball teams practices. The creation of the Katikati Sports and Rec Centre would be an answer to these problems with a fresh, new netball court, an indoor court for all weather circumstances and multipurpose clubrooms. We would even have changing rooms!

Currently the courts we use restrict the Year 3 & 4 program to 6 teams.  With multiple courts that were freely available Moana United could grow this program and offer greater access to Netball. Freely available courts would allow the running of tournaments with multiple teams and rounds for all levels of Netball.


Katikati's Moana United Netball is a founding member of the Katikati Sport and Recreation centre.